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View the latest post Server downtime

Sorry for the downtime....

The domain has been massively bombarded with ddos queries. The IP addresses are located exclusively in China.
Currently, ALL address ranges from China blocked by firewall.
If this leads to the website users are disabled, please inform me.
Because the Web server has been completely re-fitted could continue to be present a few limitations.
Since please also feedback.

So long ....

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View the latest post Apocalypse Server Launches

Apocalypse Server Launches - With Remakes Of Classic Maps!

As today is my birthday I thought it would be a good time to launch my Apocalypse server as a final gift to the multiplayer community of Deus Ex. This server is a collection of mostly my newer maps but there's a new twist! I've been very busy these last few weeks making remakes of a few of the favourite and classic DXMP maps, these maps are - DXMS_Dust, DXMS_Iceworld and DXMP_Zan-Goh. These maps have been all been redesigned, compressed slightly and have extra details and new touches here and there, see the screenshots below.







Also included on the new Apocalypse server is my take on DM Morbias from Unreal Tournament '99, screenshots below. I just hope we can have a few games together before the Gamespy masterserver goes down on 31st May. It would be great if we could organise some scrims or perhaps a war or two before the deadline strikes!

I wish everyone all the best,




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View the latest post [FGS] Mapping Challenge!

Join the '[FGS] Mapping Challenge 2013'!


1) Maps should be designed primarily for 0 aug, although there is no reason they shouldn't work on Altfire or Augs.
2) Maps must be based on a real world locations - any area that existed, will exist or exists today. Evidence must be provided to prove that your location exists (for instance Wikipedia articles, Google maps links, photos etc.).

1) Turrets, Medkits in cabinets, sniper spots, NPC's can be a plus if appropriately used.
2) Surprise players with things they haven't seen before!
3) How closely does the map reflect the area it is based on? Slight changes can be made for the sake of simplicity, for instance turning a winding road straight, turning a giant skyscraper smaller, etc.
4) The smaller the map size is, the better, although quality is of great importance.
5) Since different maps take on different challenges (this could be related to size, playability, aesthetics etc.) every map will be evaluated slightly differently.
6) Jury may appoint other jury members as long as they are not competing.

1) Award winning entries will be hosted on [FGS]Whiplash's server
2) 1st, 2nd, and 3rd best maps will receive special mention on the official [FGS] portal.

1) Propose a location and give us a few ideas about your plan! Use the 'Deus Ex' section of our forums to post your submission proposal!
2) Keep us updated on the process of your work!
3) Feel free to ask us for feedback as you work on your map!


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View the latest post Hengsha Open Beta Preview December 21st

Multiplayer Human Revolution opens for business on December 21st, just in case the world does end, you'll be high on zyme and be ready with your hacking augmentation to see the world of Hengsha through the Unreal engine. The project also is demonstrating over ten years of advances in Deus Ex Multiplayer, that now offer full single player functionality in a multiplayer environment.


The full RPG will offer 7 teams, characters that develop relationships and offer up to 3 missions to the player over the course of the multiplayer game. For the preview map, it was decided to create new areas of Hengsha, with a few familiar ones included, a multiplayer interpretation of the single player Hengsha. The preview allows players to experience the shopping and law enforcement and to get involved with the story and exploration of Hengsha, while testing the first new augmentations in multiplayer since 2002, based on those in Human Revolution. Many other advances are included, including mini-map, augmentation guide, non lethal weapons in multiplayer and much more.

The server will open to the public for testing and development from December 21st.

We wish you a happy holidays in Hengsha.

The DXMP Human Revolution team.

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Cozmo RPG v2 Released to public!

Cozmo RPG v2 Released to public! - Also includes an editable version of Cozmo RPG v1!

After a long wait Cozmo RPG v2 is finally released to the community for hosting, this release is updated from the last v2_096 version that was hosted on the ~[FGS]Cozmo RPG Server~ late last year. Also as an added bonus we've also included an editable version of Cozmo RPG v1, so mappers can have a play around with it and edit it to their liking or perhaps copy across the RPG elements into their own creations!

Credit goes to Cozmo for making the mod, textures, weapons and skins, Chinese Democracy and Shadowrunner for making the v2 map inspired by Cozmo's v1 creation. Also thanks to Flaw and SpecX for their feedback and testing, and DJ and Nobody for help with making snow for the xmas version!


Download Link below!
(12.65 MiB) Downloaded 4803 times

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22 Oct 2016, 10:36
by <-(DD)->Darko
Those days people are back, and I hope they will be back even when some days there is noone (because people sometimes have no time), but there is still a lot of entusiasts, and we are still around. See ya in game guys.
22 Oct 2016, 10:35
by <-(DD)->Darko
The Wolf I have to tell you that I play in Poor's and Die's server with no problem. That says all. So all that story that americans servers are weak is false. Even on ZXC was mostly fine, specially in fun server on ping over 280 + It was playable. I have no intentions to leave those great servers, I adore them whenever they are hosted. I love this whole game to leave at all. Give us new mods like humans vs creatures, maps from Karky's (those which she had) and even more people will be back. Not to mention cagematch.... People love it. People still love this game more than you think. It still sells on G2A.
22 Oct 2016, 00:44
by TheWolf
then i stumbled across a tac server and really destroyed everyone there.. I thought i liked the mods but i just liked how it was the only populated US server
22 Oct 2016, 00:41
by TheWolf
yeah when i started playing this game i played on edh with 250 ping and did fairly good lol
21 Oct 2016, 22:49
by Ermac
the best thing is to switch off all the servers :/
21 Oct 2016, 22:49
by Ermac
people doesn't want to understand since 2002
21 Oct 2016, 22:48
by Ermac
The us server is playable even with 250 ms ping but people still abuse with higher fps than 60.
21 Oct 2016, 20:20
by TheWolf
actually I agree with darko on the US servers. It's the reason I don't play anymore haha. why would I play in 200 ping when I can play other games with a smooth 100 :P
21 Oct 2016, 19:18
by anax
Darko, did you pick your name based on how much light you can see up your own ass?
21 Oct 2016, 16:06
by ~][FGS][Nobody~
Oh Darko's US.. that explains a lot. Guess he's Trump voter lol
21 Oct 2016, 14:43
by ~TheClown~
Are you saying we're all bad players just because we dont like playing in unnecessarily laggy american servers instead of the actual GOOD EU servers?
21 Oct 2016, 11:14
by <-(DD)->Darko
I play mostly in fun servers because its higher chance guys will see me, and there I have always something to do those 20-30 mins when someone come. Yesterday it was cool. Before 2 days I saw Poor and Excsm it was cool. See ya in game people.
21 Oct 2016, 11:13
by <-(DD)->Darko
TheWolf actually its not all about 1:1 because "most loud" people ragequit always when they loose, you know why? By their statement only EURO players are tier 1 players, its because they never tried to play in US servers to see how hard is to play with ping 120, 150 +. I suggest to come and play, people still playing game, if you stay 20-30 mins in server its chance someone will come.
21 Oct 2016, 09:50
by ~TheClown~
oh for fucks sake darkos back... it never ends.
21 Oct 2016, 02:14
by TheWolf
With the amount of people still playing this game, the whole of deus ex must be 1v1 games by now
21 Oct 2016, 02:10
by <-(DD)->Darko
See ya in game people. All best.
21 Oct 2016, 02:10
by <-(DD)->Darko
Now you have materials to read, Next time contact me with gaming invitations on my website or contact, dont bark on other forums, when you can contact me, specially since I dont refuse 1:1 fights, ever.
20 Oct 2016, 23:18
by [FGS]Chees
It's all good bro. Quiet but good ::
19 Oct 2016, 19:29
by ~][FGS][Nobody~
Ja, Nobody misses you too! :-D
19 Oct 2016, 17:13
by atrey65789
Goodness, I miss everyone here.
14 Oct 2016, 15:54
by ~][FGS][Nobody~
14 Oct 2016, 06:48
by TheWolf
*love* you all
26 Sep 2016, 21:18
by [FGS]Chees
11 Sep 2016, 12:41
by CarlRoberts1996
mmmmm darko shutup you ramble the same crap every time i'm getting BORED of reading it.


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