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14 Aug 2017, 18:51
by anax
Server now running with ANNA103b
09 Aug 2017, 17:07
by DaniSaggenza
I'd already be happy if anti-spam mutator didn't hate my race to death :V
08 Aug 2017, 20:27
by synthetic
Nobody ultimate trolling
08 Aug 2017, 20:26
by synthetic
TBH I dont think FGS has had shotguns for YEARS, but now and then people re-discover that it doesnt have them XD
06 Aug 2017, 00:12
by Cozmo
No shotguns on FGS 0A for some reason :O can anyone look into it? (Yes, actual games!)
01 Aug 2017, 23:38
by ShadowRunner
Randomness here!
28 Jul 2017, 18:40
by ~][FGS][Nobody~
I attempted to grin but I'm currently not sure anymore if that's a satire or a serious argument.. 8-[
27 Jul 2017, 23:20
by synthetic
I think by peaceful you mean dead. ;)
27 Jul 2017, 21:31
by ~TheClown~
It's quite impressive, after Darko left, the game wa so peaceful.. as soon as old players come back, the drama's right back to how exciting it was in 2009 in what, less than a week? Ahhh the good old days. <3
27 Jul 2017, 20:36
by Fear
It's ok for you to provoke me right, or to brush of all your wrongs, get the *love* out of here, i'll finish a map if you join, out of respect for everybody else in the game, that's as much as your disgustingly dishonest mug will ever see of me, you're welcome.
27 Jul 2017, 20:33
by Fear
Compile every little bit of evidence you have to support these moronic claims against me, oh right there isn't any post-2007.
27 Jul 2017, 20:32
by Fear
Stay on Warframe everybody enjoys DXMP without you that little bit more.
27 Jul 2017, 20:30
by Fear
Lol... I am 100% certain you link me to every aliaser you meet because by the sounds of it you are saying i did something else again yesterday when it was nothing but civil gaming. Spectate and ranting? Lol ok Ken, You must have your wires truly crossed with either aliases or people perhaps naming themselves after me because this is absolute madness, you are absolute madness. We'll leave it at me being delusional even though ONLY YOU have these many metabolic end product opinions today, like Nick i will be leaving any game you join as i now have a personal hatred for you after all these years, and want no part of any experience you are part of. So we'll leave it at that, you nutjob.
27 Jul 2017, 11:49
by synthetic
Although im definitely guilty of provoking you on forums here for fun or out of boredom, much like some of us played with darko. I dont think that was very nice of me so I apologise for that. Everybody has their own bubble and in other games i am not forced to share tiny community with the likes of you.
27 Jul 2017, 11:47
by synthetic
You know fear, im gonna get off your balls, after todays chat on discord its clear that you are completely delusional to anything you do in games, and i waste my time replying to you anywhere, in-game or otherwise. In past ive tried to ignore you ingame but you go spectate and start ranting at my direct address, making it harder to ignore. But that was couple years ago, now it doesnt matter.
27 Jul 2017, 11:44
by Fear
Unless your somebody who fits his mould
27 Jul 2017, 11:39
by Fear
Come to terms that playing with Ken, literally anything beyond gg, gs or gf is a direct insult towards him.
27 Jul 2017, 11:38
by Fear
Ahhh, I remember that game, literally the only thing i typed in chat was "I thought BigManTyrone was Dani", apparently i'm a huge grief, like this guy hasn't metabolic end product all over me for years..
27 Jul 2017, 00:27
by Mastakilla
Then have your hype boy Dani drop suggestions about your identity just so we know whose in the server with us gtfo here man dont play a victim.
27 Jul 2017, 00:26
by Mastakilla
You gave me grief as I specifically said I want nothing to do with you, that includes DXMP so if you join a server I'll leave.
26 Jul 2017, 23:20
by Fear
My in-game demeanor 2 weeks ago? Lol you roll metabolic end product off your tongue for a hobby. What have i supposedly done now? Please elaborate..
26 Jul 2017, 22:57
by synthetic
You remember that game with dani? When he said I was in server? Who gave who grief? Yep.
26 Jul 2017, 22:56
by synthetic
Well mystery solved, apparently it is someone called Carlos who ive no idea about, you should probably be at least a little concerned that your ingame demeanor 2 weeks ago is a perfect match to some random noob called carlos. Oh well. Apologies.
26 Jul 2017, 21:10
by Fear
Sorry couple typos *When you do, and *Can shove
26 Jul 2017, 21:07
by Fear
The damn grief you've given me is absolutely unforgivable, and if you do find out it wasn't me you have shove the my deserved apology up your you know what. God damnit man.


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