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Good times!

Good times... Missing the community and it's creativity. Not missing the server war, aug v 0aug war, classic v custom war, trolling of Hengsha, trolling WW2, trolling DXSG, trolling DXAG, trolling Cozmopolis and any decent mod. Quiite a few years before the annivers...
by ShadowRunner
06 Oct 2021, 16:33
Forum: Deus Ex
Topic: Good times!
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Re: cobwebs

It really is! Agree, best moment ever in DX for me was when about 6 FGS guys pwnd 6 Alpha guys on DXSG CMD, grossly unfair, but loved it. Was really really good teamwork. The fact I was using neutron bombs and DXSG LAW was nothing to do with it. That map without augs was better I think, less chance ...
by ShadowRunner
30 Sep 2021, 13:35
Forum: Spam
Topic: cobwebs
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Re: Hey

Check out this... Fort Detrick Outbreak. Wuhan Military Games 2019. It is possible that Covid was an outbreak in a US lab, brought to Wuhan by soldiers accidentally for the Military Games 2019. Otherwise Bob Page, I mean Bill Gates, has no control over my body yet. The moonlandings were real. JC Den...
by ShadowRunner
30 Sep 2021, 13:33
Forum: Deus Ex
Topic: Hey
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There's some footage of this map on this Youtube channel. ... mPr0z-60Kw
In the official version we made, you can see Icho's face in the "FGS room" of the map for a few seconds.
I think it is either the gravity-world video or the multiplayer video.
by ShadowRunner
04 Feb 2021, 00:21
Forum: Maps
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Re: Post Good Music - my favourite on the album. Global Communication 939
by ShadowRunner
04 Feb 2021, 00:07
Forum: Disco
Topic: Post Good Music
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Re: Happy new year DXMP [2021]

Brilliant post. So true. DXMP was a very creative community which achieved a lot. So many good memories of maps, players, moments and vibes. I remember the fallen FGS members like Dammit and Kosh. I remember FGS as a great clan, great group of people. Would be great to see a concerted effort by peop...
by ShadowRunner
04 Feb 2021, 00:05
Forum: Deus Ex
Topic: Happy new year DXMP [2021]
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Missing DXMP, would love to get involved in future with mapping and hosting. Downloaded DX from steam, but couldn't get it running on multiplayer. Waiting for a rainy day. Listening to the soundtracks on youtube brings back a lot of nostalgia and memories from single and multiplayer.
by ShadowRunner
04 Feb 2021, 00:02
Forum: Deus Ex
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Re: cobwebs

I still plan on winning the lottery and devoting my life to running servers, promoting DXMP and mapping.
by ShadowRunner
03 Feb 2021, 23:57
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Topic: cobwebs
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We invented Human Revolution Multiplayer and they turned it into a single player console game.
by ShadowRunner
03 Feb 2021, 23:55
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Re: The FPS drama of 2017

150 fps never made a difference to players on custom maps in team games like SG and AG I would say. Only on default maps and ATDM games did I really notice my lack of proper binds and computer. Depending on server, map and tactics used you could still have a lot of fun and win sometimes. The balance...
by ShadowRunner
01 Aug 2017, 23:54
Forum: Deus Ex
Topic: The FPS drama of 2017
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Re: What i dream for dx is ...

I'm quite surprised to see Phant, Darko and politics in general still being an issue. I agree with Duke, a mobile app is a good idea. Video group chat lol! Live online LARP cosplay DX lol... Ermac raised some interesting points. Hejhuka created augs, but it was his bots and and the bowens weps that ...
by ShadowRunner
03 Jul 2017, 23:55
Forum: Deus Ex
Topic: What i dream for dx is ...
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Re: Stun sandstein platten story

I still have the old PC and just haven't got around to fixing the installation and other issues, however buying a new PC would be quicker I think. I've lost some interest in mapping because until the end, there was a hatred of diversity and a lack of respect for diverse maps, servers, gametypes, ski...
by ShadowRunner
03 Jul 2017, 23:26
Forum: Homepage
Topic: Stun sandstein platten story
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Re: Ported UT Maps

Wow they look great.

Would love to tear them apart in SDK one day too, steal bits lol.
by ShadowRunner
26 Mar 2017, 11:31
Forum: MP Mods
Topic: Ported UT Maps
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One could argue that post is hate crime. Absolutely, come on, it's pissing on DXMP...
by ShadowRunner
26 Mar 2017, 11:29
Forum: Deus Ex
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Re: Звездные Войны Изгои скрыто уже показали

Ah, so Chees was replying to a spambot here? I did wonder about topic title, thought Chees was learning German.
by ShadowRunner
26 Mar 2017, 11:27
Forum: Spam
Topic: Звездные Войны Изгои скрыто уже показали
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