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Re: null


MPC, best media player
by Kuchcik
05 Jul 2011, 12:32
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Topic: null
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Re: Thinking of buying hard drugs?

pot is good for you

proven fact
by Kuchcik
05 Jul 2011, 12:30
Forum: Spam
Topic: Thinking of buying hard drugs?
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Re: Can your System run Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

already played it, at low/medium 1280x720, aa1x, af1x, post-processing off, shadows off

PDC T4400, 2.2 GHz, 4GB RAM, GF GT220M 1GB, Win7 x64

works like a charm

only annoying thing is the long quickload time
by Kuchcik
05 Jul 2011, 12:23
Forum: Deus Ex
Topic: Can your System run Deus Ex: Human Revolution?
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Re: The lost tribe

Mastakilla wrote:LOL.

EDH clanmeeting

You guys, you guys [pulls out matches]... This is [lights one up] MTL...
by Kuchcik
30 Jun 2011, 02:10
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Topic: The lost tribe
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Re: Spotify-digital music service gives access to mills of songs

Neat. Not available in Poland.

I use to find similar artists, check a couple of most listened-to songs, if I like it, I get the album.
by Kuchcik
23 Jun 2011, 10:16
Forum: Audio / Video
Topic: Spotify-digital music service gives access to mills of songs
Replies: 4
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Re: Portal

Can't finish Portal2, there's a mission where the game kept suddenly shutting down, no error message. I decided to upgrade, installed three patches, tested them all one by one, now it doesn't even load the menu. I have the Skidrow release and I installed Skidrow patches. What a joke. :roll: I've pl...
by Kuchcik
11 Jun 2011, 11:36
Forum: All Others
Topic: Portal
Replies: 19
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Re: 105 minutes of gameplay... not removed by Eidos!

played the beta, it's awesome

can't wait for it
by Kuchcik
09 Jun 2011, 13:10
Forum: Deus Ex
Topic: 105 minutes of gameplay... not removed by Eidos!
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Re: Bioshock

Bioshock is poor's man System Shock 2.

by Kuchcik
27 May 2011, 21:23
Forum: All Others
Topic: Bioshock
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Magus wrote: I trust it's from some internal section of the board?

Yes, it is.

About the link - Rollo, why have you dug up that old flamewar? I stopped giving a crap a long time ago. I was acting like a dumb kid back then.
by Kuchcik
09 May 2011, 00:21
Forum: Complaints/suggestions about/for FGS
Topic: FGS
Replies: 12
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Re: High Scores

feels good
by Kuchcik
07 May 2011, 13:30
Forum: Urban Terror
Topic: High Scores
Replies: 143
Views: 240949

Re: MSMTL 1_6

~DJ~ wrote:OMG dats liek saying "GO BACK TO KITCHEN, WOMAN!" :ney:

Seriously, what is wrong with that?
by Kuchcik
29 Apr 2011, 23:18
Forum: Deus Ex
Topic: MSMTL 1_6
Replies: 20
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Re: DXHR poll

It's not bad, it's just a different way of mapping. I find q3radiant way easier and faster to work with, but it took me a while to get used to it after using UEd for a long time. The main difference is that in Hammer/Radiant you add to the void to make rooms (for example), and in UEd you substract f...
by Kuchcik
29 Apr 2011, 22:30
Forum: Deus Ex
Topic: DXHR poll
Replies: 7
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Re: DXMP_Dressing_Room

Looks nice! I don't think anyone is going to use the side ledges in DXMP, it makes you a really easy target, unlike in Urban Terror, where you can blitz right trough it.
by Kuchcik
22 Apr 2011, 19:28
Forum: Maps
Topic: DXMP_Dressing_Room
Replies: 17
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Re: ... China

Happy Birthday! Didn't think your birthday was 1 day later than mine. :mofu:
by Kuchcik
21 Apr 2011, 20:59
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Topic: ... China
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