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Dryer will not speculate on the worth that comes from Madden


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 23 May 2023, 08:33

Dryer will not speculate on the worth that comes from Madden - Postby MacMillanwu » 25 Aug 2023, 10:12

Dryer will not speculate on the worth that comes from Madden NFL 24 Films and how much money it earned. The ever expanding popularity, as well as the profit margins, for the league and its teams suggest to him that the likenesses of former players are worth more than what they currently receive (which is nothing or more than they would receive through settlements proposed by the league this year.

Madden NFL 24 Madden NFL 24 came up with an agreement in the spring of 2013. The settlement would transfer $50 million minus an estimated $8 million in legal costs as a contribution to a fund for retired players. Settlement money would be distributed over eight years and it would go to approved charities that support initiatives for retired players. It could also establish an agency to issue licenses for retired players that would, ideally, create additional revenue to the fund.

What works is getting funds directly for former players-Dryer

A few prominent former players have weighed to support the settlement which includes Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown. Jim Brown is the Hall of Fame running back runs a group of retired players that would be tasked with distributing funds from the settlement.

A Federal Court in Minnesota approved the settlement as well as more than 20.000 retired players have until Aug. 30 to agree to the deal or opt out of it. Dryer is encouraging his peers to not accept the deal.

"They're putting you into an enterprise model along with the league to bring in money for former members," Dryer explained. "But those models have proven that they are dry wells."

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