How to apply for [FGS]

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How to apply for [FGS]

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How to apply for [FGS]

If you'd like to apply for membership in [FGS] there are some things you'll need to do.

First of all you will have to fill in our application form which you can find a section below.

Once your application is posted, a topic will be opened about you in our private section. We will discuss your pros and cons, after a poll your results will be announced. The application process takes at least 1 week but sometimes it takes a lot more. This means that we expect some patience and availability regarding your application, members may have specific questions for you or seek your opinion on a topic. If you disappear for a long time without notification while your application is in progress, your case will be automatically suspended and you will have to re-apply.

There is NO point to apply if we don't know each other. We base our opinions of players from what we see on our forums and in our servers, not in their applications. Application is merely a formality and the members confirming an acceptance into [FGS]. Do not apply if most members don't know you or you are not already a regular on our forums.

Please note that [FGS] is not officially recruiting at the moment. This means we have enough fighters, mappers, editors and technical staff for our needs. Naturally, applications are never thrown back automatically, but we only make exceptions in very special cases. We are looking for dedicated people with talent or proven potential who can help us to further our activities, whether that be an exceptional fighter and mentor, an expert mapper, or an inventive coder. Today [FGS] doesn't consider exceptional in-game skills an important reason to accept applications. We're much more like a group of scientists who fight to keep this small community alive with everything we have. Remember this when applying for [FGS]

Application form

1. Your most used DX-Nickname along with previous aliases
2. How long have you been playing Deus Ex?
3. List your previous clans, state reason for not playing for them anymore (such as: Clan dead, Clan kicked me, I left clan etc.)
4. Why would you like to join [FGS]?
5. Are you familiar with some of the [FGS] members already? Do you have friends in our clan?
6. Do you have special skills that could be useful to contribute in [FGS] projects? (such as mapping, coding, modelling abilities etc.)
7. Post some screenshots of your DX scores (optional)
8. Do you think you would be a good addition to our team? If yes, why?
9. Confirm that you have read and accepted our clan's rules.

[FGS] Rules:

As an [FGS] member you promise to respect the Deus Ex Community, your fellow clan members, other clan's members and newcomers to the game.
As an [FGS] member you promise to be a helping hand to Deus Ex players, especially to beginners.
As an [FGS] member you promise to play on servers with appropriate behaviour in representing [FGS], you will stay out of trouble and secure a peaceful and entertaining enviroment in game and on Deus Ex forums.


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