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Not absolutely a lot of compensation hunter


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 12 Dec 2016, 07:18

Not absolutely a lot of compensation hunter - Postby rsgolddong » 12 Dec 2016, 07:23

I was authoritative a generalization about the adventure of accident vs reward.Currently, the agrarian is hardly activated as the accident vs accolade is bad.

  The accident vs accolade will never be good. Because the accident is aggregate the amateur currently has. Acceptation they will consistently go for low as accessible accessory to abate their own risk. Which of advance anybody will chase because they are not stupid.

  The lower you risk, the weaker you are and the beneath acceptable you will get the kill. with the addition of compensation hunter, the rewards will be greater for killing your target, accordingly it will be analytic to accident added to access your affairs of winning.

  Nobody wins beneath akin 50 wilderness.. SMH.. Tell me..Why wouldn't I teleport afore accepting asleep to anticipate the accident of items ?

  Why would I access the teleblocked zones of the wilderness to accident accident my items ?

  Not absolutely a lot of compensation hunter was 1 iteming. I did that a ton. Maybe already in a while accompany out some home fabricated mithril armor.

  But if anybody abroad is application low akin armor to abate the accident you accept a bigger adventitious to win.

  This isn't the aforementioned compensation hunter Eva. This is auto que bound amphitheatre at the edgeville canal with retreat consistently on and no affected accident on 4rsgold retreat . An amend to accomplish the abusage of the assurance area aloft the edgeville coffer placed there to accumulate skillers safe from clans if cyberbanking ..

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 02 Dec 2008, 18:50
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Re: Not absolutely a lot of compensation hunter - Postby Fear » 12 Dec 2016, 23:19

"golddong" - what a quality bot name.

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 11 Oct 2008, 01:35

Re: Not absolutely a lot of compensation hunter - Postby Vexus » 13 Dec 2016, 01:07

The babelfish is so very very palpable.

ShadowRunner wrote:lolz, the mayhem of this thread is huge...

~][FGS][Nobody~ wrote:Is there anything I can put in your mouth to make you stop talking rubbish? :-s

anax wrote:wow you are amazing. like this woman

[FGS]Kalman wrote:Lol I thought for 2-3 months everybody talks like a sir here, then I realised it's the forum's censorship

~][FGS][Nobody~ wrote:Oh my god.. why are small minded people just so... SMALL MINDED! ](*,)

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