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The drama of 2017


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 22 Mar 2006, 22:00

Re: Summer 2017 DXMP Games - Postby Kaiden » 11 May 2020, 10:25

<-(DD)->Darko wrote:
synthetic wrote: At least Darko had the balls to build an entire vivid and imaginary world around his opinion. And yes, here is me taking another jab at another well-respected member of community. Sorry.

Well my entire imaginated universe was when I was new and called people cheaters. Well with time I stopped that and I was better and better, but thing Is people still insulted me.

When i finally started to play very good people insulted me, and when I started to find serious proof about cheats, people called me delusional, they have put cheaters into the stars and called me nab.

They didnt stopped, they took my nickname (list of 7 people is known), humiliated 90 % of DX players with my nickname and forced my ban in 75 % of servers with quotes I never used! I had to proof its not me who insults and sucks in game for abour 2 months.

But I need to say tahnk you for that, because in year 2013, because of all those NAB and delusional calling you people made I turned from very good guy, to ultimate pro who beaten every single person in this game who called me out on 1:1, has only 3 losses in whole year in single mode fight and only few more in teams. Not many people can say that. Also that delusional guy how people called me, had personal recrd of 51:0 in sniperbox against 4 more people that called me out to fight them, no they were not noobs. One of them was so good that later we beaten Fear + Dani in their prime in 5 of 7 matches in 2:2 fight.

That same Darko later found out proofs about abuse in minimtl after RedFox showed me what many of you doing. That was key proof that many of you guys really abusing admin powers + spawning 5 meds. I later showed to people proof about raised fps (people called me insane when I said that some players lag me, and warping), also I found out proof about superbind hack connected with healing, wallhack etc etc......... For pistolhack and aimbot I found out from others.

So ye, my imaginate world in which I was called nab and delusional started to be very realistic, when I showed proofs to all people here about what many of you using! Why I showed proofs here despite I was winning? Because I had to play in 2013 on 200 % just to win against ultimate abusers, while they just had to move and press fire button! Its insane! How do I know? Because Dani told me that he literally could drink coffe and watch how his avatar moves and fights with me. So much about that.

Anyway, many of you said old profi players cant compete with you guys nowadays. Last weeks I saw many legends that literally smashed nowadays people, I saw Messiah, and few more legends I never had chance to see and I am happy cause of that. So much about that too.

Also whatever some people think or want to think, this game is not dead, and never will be. Until I play it, it will be live.

See you around,

You realise the thread is 3 years old right?

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Re: The drama of 2017 - Postby <-(DD)->Darko » 23 May 2020, 09:19

Its not about how old topic is, its about how long will be active now :) :matrix:

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Re: The drama of 2017 - Postby RodNeySaLaMi » 23 May 2020, 15:20

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Kojak~Spifo wrote: You know amidst all the nonsense, Darko actually has a point.l The game was originally played with no more than 60 fps if that back in the old days. Nobody had renderers that could go to 100 fps back then it was a big deal to get 60 in 2002. So I think newer players just take high fps from other games for granted, but DX doesn't have a ways to properly compensate clientside vs serverside framerates and speed.

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