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iNSID3 Application


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 23 Feb 2018, 23:51

iNSID3 Application - Postby iNSID3 » 24 Feb 2018, 00:02


I know that this is so dead but I'll try,

1. Your most used DX-Nickname along with previous aliases - usmc, voider, iNSID3, (EYE)usmc
2. How long have you been playing Deus Ex? - few years.
3. List your previous clans, state reason for not playing for them anymore (such as: Clan dead, Clan kicked me, I left clan etc.) Eyeris Clan(EYE)
4. Why would you like to join [FGS]? i want to play DX with community
5. Are you familiar with some of the [FGS] members already? Do you have friends in our clan? oh I forgot. It was a loong time ago
6. Do you have special skills that could be useful to contribute in [FGS] projects? (such as mapping, coding, modelling abilities etc.) naaah. I dont think so
7. Post some screenshots of your DX scores (optional)
8. Do you think you would be a good addition to our team? If yes, why? well, more active to play
9. Confirm that you have read and accepted our clan's rules. Read and accepted.


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 11 Apr 2012, 23:06
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Re: iNSID3 Application - Postby anax » 05 Mar 2018, 00:35

Good luck man! we do have games fairly consistently, as you know they're usually arranged on the discord. Usually fgs 0-augs or HX coop!

AKA Knifeworld on Discord etc. Frozen brains tell no tales!

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