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A few new MP maps


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 25 Jun 2012, 12:13

A few new MP maps - Postby PSullivan » 30 Aug 2019, 08:12

===== TLDR: Some new DXMP maps I've made =====

DXMP_Lacuna - ...
DXMP_MolePeople2019 - ... ple2019.dx
DXMP_Close_Courters - ... ourters.dx
DXMP_Smugglette - ... gglette.dx
(if these links stop working in the future, message me on/ask on DX HQ Discord)

end of TLDR


I've been an on-and-off mapper for DXMP since 2001. My first known map was DXMP_TunnelNetwork which I'm a bit embarrassed about since it has several issues including being ugly : ) but I'm very happy that it had the recognition it had received. I also made DXMP_Ash for JimBowen's server, but it's also dated-looking and isn't playable without Bowen's teleporter gun. For anyone curious, some other old publicly available (i.e. Alpha map list) maps that I'd made are:

DXMP_Paris - Playable, has protected spawns, but no plasma rifle. I must've hated plasma.
DXMP_DeathSwamp - Playable but with a poor layout. Has some funny elements though... : )
DXMP_RTCWBeach - Failed attempt to convert "Beach" from Return to Castle Wolfenstein. I have no idea how this map got into the public (it's on Alpha's map list), but it did. Not playable at all, but wanted to mention it here since it's available for download

After those old maps, over the years, I'd improved at UnrealEd, but hadn't actually released anything. I had many new map attempts, including making a 2nd TunnelNetwork but never finished. In 2009 I finally made (and finished) a new map called DXMP_Lacuna. I'm a big fan of NPhase's DXMP maps, and for Lacuna my goal was to make something that looked similar to his maps. We also used his NPhase.u as a base and added a few weapons (i.e. Cursed Crowbar and Poison Knife)

Anyway, recently I've made some new maps and thought to post them here. They're also currently hosted on KOJAK'S server

DXMP_Lacuna (2009) ...

As stated this map was intended to resemble NPhase's maps. It's a small-ish sci-fi map set on a roof. Lacuna just means "gap" which refers to the pit in the middle. It has protected spawn rooms with windows looking into the map. Btw, I'm no longer in love with the idea of protected spawns. Normally, the exits of protected spawns can be camped, so in mine, I used teleporter pads -- However, this is also not without issues: Disorientation when teleporting into the map, as well as telefrag risk, but maybe you can say that's a feature : )


DXMP_MolePeople2019 (2019) ... ple2019.dx

A remake of the NYC Mole People map. The goal was to create a good MP layout from the SP assets. I modified the wooden ramps, to prevent players from crouching under them, and I also took slight artistic liberty with the wooden shacks because the SP ones looked like ass. I also opened up the previously-collapsed stairwells into spawn areas.


DXMP_Close_Courters (2019) ... ourters.dx

Remake of the oldschool map "DXMP_Close_Quarters" which was made by someone else (not sure who). I took minor liberties with the layout. The original map was area51-themed, and this new one a courtyard of a castle, hence the name... Get it? Quarters? Courters? A courtyard?? HAHA. Anyway the map has a lot of narrow hallways/very close quarters... well obviously, it's in the name, but I could use the excuse that I was only being faithful to the original : )


DXMP_Smugglette (2019) ... gglette.dx

Smuggler-theme map with a new (and smaller) layout. When playing DXMP_Smuggler recently, I noticed that 99% of the gameplay centers around camping the medbot, so I planned the layout around that. Smugglette is about 50-60% the size of original Smuggler, so hopefully there won't be abandoned areas of the map, even with few players. The medbot is moved into the den area, which should make it desirable to camp, however the den area also has four ways in, so it may be a challenge to defend.



Thanks for your time and I hope you like them!

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