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Project CDX v1 Released (Huge Multiplayer patch)


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 08 Apr 2010, 22:00

Project CDX v1 Released (Huge Multiplayer patch) - Postby Cozmo » 22 Jun 2020, 23:25

In possibly the worst ever use of our free time, we finally gave this game a proper patch. I hope some of you try it out! You don't need to install anything to play CDX - just join a server with CDX in the GameType field. Join the Discord if you need help:

What is CDX?

CDX is a huge mod for Deus Ex Multiplayer. It features improved netcode and hit detection, fixes many exploits, bugs and gameplay problems, and introduces a lot of important features that were simply missing from the game. It also makes it easier than ever to create mods and custom gamemodes. See below for details! Installation instructions are at the bottom

Main Features

  • You no longer have to aim weapons predictively due to ping
  • You can't speedhack anymore (fps abuse etc)
  • Crosshair changes to prevent easy triggerbot cheats
  • You can now see where your teammates are, and roughly how much health they have (also helps to avoid LAM friendly fire)
  • Hit feedback (Plays sound when dealing damage)
  • Spectating system
  • More responsive weapon switching and dropping with animation-interrupts
  • Heavy weapons will no longer mess with your mouse sensitivity
  • Teamkilling reworked as mirror damage. Hitting teammates with explosive or EMP damage reflects it onto the user (This means that spamming explosives carelessly is still discouraged, and the spammer is punished INSTEAD of the teammate!)
  • You won't drop deco when shot by teammates
  • Planted grenades will ignore gunshots from teammates/griefers
  • Pressing F1 (inventory) will bring up a chat log. You can also see detailed info on your health, credits etc
  • Slightly increased movement speed (230 - 280. SP is 320) when not using Speed Aug (to help Recirc Aug users)
  • Slight air-movement changes to make jumps like Silo fence and Smuggler windows work much more consistently
  • CDX games will display clearer information in the server browser
  • CDX simplifies the creation of new gamemodes (like CTF), and can be modded easily without rebuilding MTL via ANNAExt. Modes created this way will also never become out of date, even if CDX is updated
  • You no longer have to delete 'say' to use commands, just add a "/". Example: "say /god"
  • Maps with "_Fix" or "_Pathed" will display without that in the serverlist. Example: "DXMP_Silo_Fix" shows as "DXMP_Silo". This is useful for adding fixes and pathnodes to old maps
  • Accidentally selecting empty belt slots will no longer unequip your weapon

Demorec Improvements

  • Demos can now be recorded while afk
  • Computer screens won't open during demo playback
  • Killer profile screen will display automatically, and vanish a few seconds after respawning during demos
  • Experimental feature: by typing "say /cv", you can now change perspectives during demo playback


  • 20mm shell rapidfire exploit has been fixed
  • All grenade duplication bugs have been fixed (DXWeapon2)
  • You can no longer cloak and use weapons at the same time
  • You can no longer dual-wield items and weapons
  • Movers will no longer appear open when they are not (usually after bumping a player)
  • The Mini Crossbow now uses the correct firing sound (a bug in vanilla DX made it the same as the Stealth Pistol)
  • You'll always respawn with full skill points after you've finished spectating

Quality Of Life

  • Anyone reconnect-spamming to grief or avoid moderating will be automatically detected and tempbanned
  • Certain server-crashing bugs have been patched out
New Commands: (You don't have to delete 'say' to use them - you can use them as 'say /command')
  • /mute <Player ID> command, lets you ignore an annoying player
  • /vote command, opens MapVote mutator (if the server uses it)
  • /help command, gives the player info and a list of commands
Admin Commands:
  • /silence <Player ID> command, allows an admin to silence a player
  • /time <Minutes> command, allows an admin to change the remaining duration of the current game
  • /stopgame command, allows an admin to end the current game
  • /atdm command, allows an admin to change the gamemode to Advanced Team DeathMatch
  • /btdm command, allows an admin to change the gamemode to Basic Team DeathMatch
  • /adm command, allows an admin to change the gamemode to Advanced DeathMatch
  • /bdm command, allows an admin to change the gamemode to Basic DeathMatch
  • /0a command, alows an admin to change the gamemode to Zero Aug Team DeathMatch
  • /0adm command, alows an admin to change the gamemode to Zero Aug DeathMatch

Weapon Balance

  • The Assault Rifle does less damage, but is much more accurate. It is still the best overall weapon, and still the highest average DPS. It gets bonus damage at "short range", which increases based on Rifles skill level
  • The Assault Shotgun does slightly less damage than vanilla beyond "very short range", which increases based on Rifles skill level
  • The Stealth Pistol now has its own ammo type, making it at least a functional backup weapon when using the Pistols skill
  • The Plasma Cannon now just fires one bolt, but does the same damage as vanilla. This makes its damage much more reliable and less random
  • The Flame Thrower has an increased rate of fire, with the same damage. Also some netcode changes. This slightly increases its DPS, and makes it more reliable to hit with (it's now especially useful against cloakers)
  • The Throwing Knives travel slightly faster than before, making them more reliable to use. You're also not required to use an awkward, unreliable duplication bug to reload them
  • The Sawed-Off Shotgun can be fired more quickly after drawing it, and is generally less cumbersome (for example: you can put it away while reloading it)
  • The Gas Grenade now uses DXWeapon2 gas. It's higher damage than vanilla, and far more useful for area-denial. The gas clouds also use a different sprite so that you can more easily recognise them as dangerous
(See the Readme.txt for more info on the weapon balance!)



CDX is easy to install. Dump all the .u files into your DeusEx/System folder. Add ServerPackages=CDX_100 to that section in your DeusEx.ini, and ServerActors=CDX_100.ANNAMutator above it

OR you can just run a .bat file (start DeusEx.exe DXMP_Smuggler.dx?Game=CDX_100.CDX_BasicTeam -server) and use admin commands to change the mode

Special Thanks

This mod was a huge undertaking for me, and it still wouldn't have been possible without the work of others. Thank you to...

Lexichu for DXWeapon2

Nobody and Alex for ANNA (2012)

Smuggler for MTL (2002)

CBP team (2000) TheRenegadeMaster, Nil, liquiddark, DarkStalkeR, Pecker, Slicer, [TMF]Death, Palmtree, and probably other names lost to time

dejavu for his MiniMTL versions

Reclaimer, Knifeworld and Price for all the CDX testing and feedback

Kaiser for keeping DXHQ alive and running

Alex, Daedalus and TheSheep for helping me learn to code so long ago

Everyone who graced the DXMP community over the years

Cozmo_RPG (v1 & v2)
MPConversations - A great tool for creating co-op or rpg content. It will never be used.
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 20 Jan 2019, 12:34

Re: Project CDX v1 Released (Huge Multiplayer patch) - Postby RodNeySaLaMi » 25 Jun 2020, 21:09

Here's the first test video of this version played in 0 aug.

Currently hosted on FGS 2020

And yes Nobody I am criticising you in the video :p

Kojak~Spifo wrote: You know amidst all the nonsense, Darko actually has a point.l The game was originally played with no more than 60 fps if that back in the old days. Nobody had renderers that could go to 100 fps back then it was a big deal to get 60 in 2002. So I think newer players just take high fps from other games for granted, but DX doesn't have a ways to properly compensate clientside vs serverside framerates and speed.

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Re: Project CDX v1 Released (Huge Multiplayer patch) - Postby ~][FGS][Nobody~ » 26 Jun 2020, 22:02

Cozmo, first of all, I raise my hut to you for bringing up the passion for releasing such a type of mod these days yet! :matrix:
Good idea to put it at the FORMER 0aug server (which doesn't seem to be a 0aug server anymore!")
I hope there are enuff people to try it out so far!

Nobody aint be blamed! :clout:
And just FYI: Teh server's NOT capitalismatic. I stand for: SUPERROCKETS 4 ALL! :-D

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 22 Jul 2013, 17:26

Re: Project CDX v1 Released (Huge Multiplayer patch) - Postby Hey » 27 Jun 2020, 11:38

Thanks a lot for this Cozmo! Feels absolutely amazing, even with 100+ ping!

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 20 Aug 2006, 18:39

Re: Project CDX v1 Released (Huge Multiplayer patch) - Postby Tidus » 06 Jul 2020, 02:33

I had to double check the date on this post while reading the changes. I really thought some shoe bot seller dug up another anchient thread but no.

Nice one, good job =D>

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