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DXMP Live Streams

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 20 Jan 2019, 12:34

DXMP Live Streams - Postby RodNeySaLaMi » 19 Aug 2020, 03:51

Started doing Live Streams of DXMP and a few other games I play well.

Euro ATDM Duel:

Today's Live Stream Matches:

Last Week's Live Stream Matches:

Kojak~Spifo wrote: You know amidst all the nonsense, Darko actually has a point.l The game was originally played with no more than 60 fps if that back in the old days. Nobody had renderers that could go to 100 fps back then it was a big deal to get 60 in 2002. So I think newer players just take high fps from other games for granted, but DX doesn't have a ways to properly compensate clientside vs serverside framerates and speed.

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