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Jagex cannot make any changes to bring


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 30 Sep 2021, 08:31

Jagex cannot make any changes to bring - Postby Weiveisamrt » 30 Sep 2021, 08:37

Jagex cannot make any changes to bring the level to 120. However, at the moment, it is full. There are some things that you can get in the 90s. They might increase the limit if they want to upgrade your Mithril Dragons and speedier remove your POH. Also, a telescope that can be more precise in telling you about Shooting Stars.

I'm fairly certain that this will not get raised, as Extreme Potions are true to their name, and we don't need any stronger. If they choose to add an Elixir of Saradomin (Saradomin Brew + something else, which heals better than Saradomin Brew and doesn't reduce stats) There's room for it.

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