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I'm unlikely to get mems in the near future


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 16 Oct 2021, 03:58

I'm unlikely to get mems in the near future - Postby Bestmengqin » 16 Oct 2021, 04:29

As most gamers are now, it's too late to be able to grind for hours on one ability. Achievements of skills are fun when you appreciate them, but I got bored of levelling after I hit the 106th level. It was too much work to earn an increase of +1 on the level.

To some extent, coming back as a nostalgic gamer may not be the best option. It's likely to be the usual expected 'If you don't like this game, go find a game you like and try it' reaction, and that's okay. But it was not a bad idea to visit this forum and solicit suggestions. You never think, you might have some good fun.

Information: I'm unlikely to get mems in the near future. It's pretty poor (1k) after buying the 3 sets of rare armour but I like to wear it for show :P. I have the standard items for a F2P, including full normal rune sets and 80 statistics to calculate Atk, Def and HP.

Str is at the 93 mark. Range is 60+, Magic 72, and Str is the most powerful. Good amount of food that I purchased to play clan wars (mostly Tuna, a lot of Lobs that were not cooked), Explorers Ring 4 also came with free food.

I would not want to dung if it weren't for the long duration it takes to get rid of a dung. has anything changed for dunging since, idk, 1.5 years ago? I'd also be willing to playing the person I am playing as, which is clearly male ~.~), to the purpose of fun and engaging with others.

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