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Another ugly loss from the Super Bowl prior


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 21 Feb 2022, 11:20

Another ugly loss from the Super Bowl prior - Postby Alexis002 » 21 Feb 2022, 11:23

Brady's 2010 campaign marked the beginning of the Gronk Era. The Patriots signed Rob Gronkowski, and Brady was a success. The small dip in his actual numbers in the previous year translated into a similar reduction of his Madden overall, but his career was about transform forever. The new-look Patriots offense went on to inspire the league to identify or create dominating do-it-all tight ends such as Gronk However, most of these QB-TE teams today, 10 years later remain chasing the totals that Brady and Gronkowski put together. In Madden the duo could not be stopped for a stretch of several years, too.

Brady got into The 99 Club for the 3rd time during Madden NFL 2012--you'll remember it well as the one in which Browns fans flooded the fan vote that was to decide the player who would be the cover and then got flash-in the-pan RB Peyton Hillis to "grace" the box art. Brady also Gronk were in the second season and high on the charts and that led to Brady's first 5,000-yard season, however, an injured Gronkowski struggled to make it through the postseason , and the Patriots were unable to defeat The Giants in the Super Bowl for the second time since 2007.

After three wins in the early games after which two losses have occurred in the big game have given Brady an average 3-2 score for the Super Bowl, but that's something he would work to resolve in due time.

Another ugly loss from the Super Bowl prior still couldn't keep Madden ratings adjustors who were expecting any "gradual decrease" from Brady. Brady started the season out of the 99 club and managed to get the team to a 12-4 recordthat felt as if it was a tradition that had been established at that point. He also threw just 8 interceptions, making it the third consecutive time he remained within the single digits. The Pats had a disappointing game and were just one shy of a second Super Bowl berth, but his story is still being written after his time in the NFL.

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