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What armor should I wear? Make sure to keep in mind


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 21 Feb 2022, 11:20

What armor should I wear? Make sure to keep in mind - Postby Alexis002 » 21 Feb 2022, 11:24

What prayer level should I set with those numbers? I'd be happy that you could put these like 1-20... PLease make sure you don't include something like 1-50 to represent range minotaurs. some YouTubers have done. (It was a guide for 99 range. :/) I'd like these areas to be somewhere I can rapidly level.

What armor should I wear? Make sure to keep in mind that this is a F2P. My current savings account is 150k thanks to a man who provided me with 200K and 56K worth raw/cooked food (all types, but mostly all food that is raw) When I mentioned "buying meals that are raw" I was at the lumbridge castle , with my new account , burning logspawns. Then I hit 20 FMing.

A few other people also offered me items like iron for 2 dollars. (people clean out banks, and offering me random shzzle) and various other things. The gentleman at Varrock big bank gave me 13 bronze bows with 8 oak logs and a handful of other items. I burned the logs until I hit 21 miles. It makes another thing come to thoughts.

When you guys were noobs did anyone ever aid you? For example, by offering money or providing guidance or becoming an everlasting friend? Is free trade practically gone for F2P? I opened my account 2 weeks ago, am I safe? How long will 40/40/40, with 50 range/mage for me?

The last question is, do you have any siblings who often appear to do something or with whom you have trust, and allow them to do wcs or other things when you are gone to the bathroom or something.I believe this isn't a good idea, but if you believe in them... as well should they suddenly pop up and switch the screen on, what do you do?

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