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Stun sandstein platten story


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 18 Apr 2012, 23:17

Re: Stun sandstein platten story - Postby Duke » 17 Jun 2017, 21:16

The important thing is we still here i gues... and yeah. five long years it's pretty much... I was playing yesterday in FGS tnag server, quite interesting heh

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 27 Jan 2009, 21:01
 'Ton Hotel

Re: Stun sandstein platten story - Postby Mastakilla » 25 Jun 2017, 03:08

Wasnt the site down for ages at some point, I almost gave up this time

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 26 Oct 2005, 16:59

Re: Stun sandstein platten story - Postby ~][FGS][Nobody~ » 28 Jun 2017, 17:47

You might need to fix (disable) your IPv6 :mofu:

Nobody is perfect...
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It's over 5000!
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 28 Feb 2006, 21:07

Re: Stun sandstein platten story - Postby ShadowRunner » 03 Jul 2017, 23:26

I still have the old PC and just haven't got around to fixing the installation and other issues, however buying a new PC would be quicker I think.

I've lost some interest in mapping because until the end, there was a hatred of diversity and a lack of respect for diverse maps, servers, gametypes, skills levels, aims, goals etc. There was no "live and let live". I disagreed with anonymous aliasing and various other issues. The N word is rife in this community even in 2017 and generally there is no legal or moral argument for funding this community, or asking corporations and charities to save it or promote it.

The community appears to blame the "trolls", but in reality my experience was players of all skills levels and experiences, using the alias system to create negative vibes on custom and RPG maps or on altfire server.

Yes time and money is a problem, but why would I spend time with people still using the N word in 2017? The interest dwindled to mapping, but even then I was denied the pleasure often, even during the maptest itself sometimes.

Yes I'll come back and play and map, but I'm not rushing, things have to improve. The game itself matures like a good cheese, soon it will rare and delicious, but it's still impossible to promote, I can smell the hate even off the forums, so why would I bother installing right now.

I take my hat off to the people not being negative, the people still supporting it, dealing with that crap every day.

What makes me proud of all... is FGS... for the most part, FGS just minded their own business and let other servers live. We created more than destroyed.

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Teh gravn00b
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 25 Oct 2006, 20:42
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Re: Stun sandstein platten story - Postby Kuchcik » 13 Jul 2017, 21:30

~][FGS][Nobody~ wrote:Then everything stopped, after installing one custom question in the registration process. 8-)
However after that step, the activity on this board went to almost zero. 8-[

Glad to hear. :cool: The second, not so much. But I guess I'm at fault as well.

~][FGS][Nobody~ wrote:You might need to fix (disable) your IPv6 :mofu:

Here we are, at the edge of the Internet on a low traffic message board, stopping the inevitable IPv6 transition one user at a time :mofu:

ShadowRunner wrote:What makes me proud of all... is FGS... for the most part, FGS just minded their own business and let other servers live. We created more than destroyed.

Well said.
I'm not really up to speed with the "2017 drama" or whatever is going on in another thread, but I'm surprised people actually care enough to create it.

Deus Ex was (and is) truly an amazing game to keep people playing after all these years, and the community was very active, and productive, compared to most of the others I had contact with. I think DX itself attracts a certain kind of people - promoting creative problem solving in the game it catered itself to people who like choice and care enough to choose. And I'm glad I am a part of a group of people who cared.

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