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TERA Dev Discusses Challenges Behind PS4 & Xbox One Ports


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 20 Oct 2017, 07:30

TERA Dev Discusses Challenges Behind PS4 & Xbox One Ports - Postby 4Rsercom » 06 Jun 2018, 04:58

It's not really that frequently we visit PC-quality MMORPGs make it to home consoles. Matt Denomme, senior product manager at En Masse Entertainment working on TERA, lately had some time to discuss his experience working on Tera Gold for console and gave us insight on a number of the challenges that his team faced, and the chances that arose out of their work. Plus, we got some clarity on hot-button issues like crossplay along with a possible Nintendo Switch version.

Only a few MMORPGs have managed to successfully navigate from PC to consoles, especially Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV. Did the achievement of these games motivate the team to create TERA for consoles, or was there something else which had a greater impact on the decision to vent TERA?

From the first time we hooked a controller till a test construct, we understood TERA could be a superb fit for consoles. In many ways, it was the achievement of TERA and it has action-focused MMORPG layout that drove us to make the jump, though we won't deny that we spent some time viewing and playing other names throughout the development process.

What was the greatest challenge in bringing TERA consoles? Were there any significant differences between the development of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One versions of the game?

While it supports gamepads on PC, it would be quite hard, if not impossible, to interact with the full breadth of systems and interfaces in the PC version with a gamepad. Re-designing all of TERA's systems and ports with a gamepad in mind was a huge task and a significant design challenge for the team at Bluehole since it was their first time working on a game for consoles.

Was PC crossplay with the tera gold xbox or PS4 (we're aware those two having crossplay collectively isn't possible now) something that the team ever considered? Was the exclusion based on not needing to radically change the landscape of long-established servers?

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