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The latest generation of "NBA 2K22"


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 25 Jan 2022, 09:26

The latest generation of "NBA 2K22" - Postby MMOgrfy » 25 Jan 2022, 09:29

The proStick expert rocker shooting system with a very high degree of difficulty during the previous episode discovered the system difficult to grasp, even the character that was the show's cover Dame. Of course, the manufacturing facility considered the opinions of players and made a new system of shooting in "NBA 2K22" and said that it might be among the older 2K.

The most enjoyable shooting experience! The shooting meter in the game is now the vertical format that's simpler to read. Additionally, an aiming zone that is dynamically resized has also been added. If a player hits an extremely high-quality shot (perfect timing and interference with a large gap) the aiming region of the shot meter will get larger next time the shot is taken, making it much easier to score.

If the shot is seriously disturbed or fatigued, this area will be cut down so that players can carefully consider each shot. The new system will prevent shooting from becoming same. The players must work hard to identify gaps and to grasp Good timing of shots can get a higher hit rate than those who forcefully shot under a flanking shot which test the basketball player's knowledge!

The latest generation of "NBA 2K22", the timing button has been specially added for the Alley-Oop aerial relay as well as for the bottleneck effort. When a player hits the ball from the air relay in mid-air, the player has to press and release the shooting button (X) during a specific time to complete an air shot.

If the player presses too early or too late, they will be frozen or incapable of receiving the pass. In this episode new elements are also introduced throughout the episode. In addition to pressing the shot button to use the normal shot, just press to hold the acceleration, then push down the rocker for experts (R lever) for more satisfying and explosive dunks.

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