! FGS-Forum modernized to latest php/BB technology !

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! FGS-Forum modernized to latest php/BB technology !

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It's been a while that something happened here (and it took me weeks to finish it) but these days I want to announce it with a big SuperRocket boom..

! The old antiquated FGS-Forum now received a full facelift !

After 13 yearsof stagnation, it's now running on the latest php platform and phpBB board technology of 2024.
The design is modernized and more state of the art, but I tried to preserve the general look and feel from the old version.
Even though this board is more an archive than an active board by this time, it deservd to get a (last) facelift!

The only significant functionality that didn't make it into the new board (yet) is the shoutbox, because that mod is not available for the latest phpBB board version. However, I hope to get that one running again one day.
But don't worry, all data is still present. So people can feel free to browse the former chat history of the shoutbox since its birth in 2009 in a kind of fake topic HERE!
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Re: ! FGS-Forum modernized to latest php/BB technology !

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Re: ! FGS-Forum modernized to latest php/BB technology !

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Its fabulous. \:D/
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