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~[FGS] Cozmo RPG ~ Server is up!

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~[FGS] Cozmo RPG ~ Server is up! - Postby chin.democ. » 10 Jul 2011, 21:38

A new [FGS] server has just come online which is hosting Cozmo's RPG mod along with the new map from Chinese Democracy and Shadowrunner.


Cozmo RPG Guide to playing: ... s-t57.html

Buy Food, Drinks, Clothes, Weapons, Augmentations, Furniture, Houses, Apartment and Hotel Rooms!
Join the Police and imprison criminals for money, or become a criminal and elude the police and terrorise the city!
Join Gangs and lead assaults against other rival gangs by recruiting NPC followers to assist you, kill Gang Bosses for big money!
Hold up shopkeepers for money and if your feeling brave you can rob a Bank for lots of money!
Complete initiation missions for Luminous Path, Red Arrow and the Police force!
Lose your police wanted level by paying off a corrupt Police Officer, and break out fellow Criminals from jail!
keep your money safe by depositing and withdrawing credits from various ATM machines scattered in the city!

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