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2 Megabytes in 2 months Mapping Challenge

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2 Megabytes in 2 months Mapping Challenge - Postby chin.democ. » 03 Apr 2012, 19:46

2 Megabytes in 2 months Mapping Challenge - Results!

Shadowrunner - Thanks for your patience. Very educational project to judge. Thanks to Chinny, mappers and Face. Face and I have different passions and judge differently, but it was interesting how the two judges both arrived at the same rankings and scores, to within .5 of a point. As a challenger I would try to see why the judges arrived at the same conclusion and were able to actually rank the maps.

Face - Congratulations to everyone!

I know I'm not alone when I say how fun it was checking out every single entry. If anyone wants to follow up on any of the comments up please just shout or catch me on MSN.

Combining the judges scores here are the results!

1st Place = Kalman and Cozmo with 66%
2nd Place = Chinny, disqualified in one category with 65%
3rd Place = Anax with 54.5%

4th Place = Avatar with 46%
5th Place = Duke with 37%
6th Place = Majster with 32.5%
Chees is disqualified.

Pictures Final pictures of entries;


Congrats to the joint winners Cozmo and Kalman, and well done to the other six entrants that successfully handed in their maps before the deadline!

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