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[Release] RCON, Athena, IRC etx


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 20 Feb 2015, 15:02
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[Release] RCON, Athena, IRC etx - Postby ~TheClown~ » 16 Jul 2017, 18:50

Yes, another mod post.
Download: Archive
Todays is the RCON package, which includes;

RCON Administrator commands, with hundreds of new commands to make life easier.
Integrated IRC chat, allows the server to connect to an IRC chatroom, and if multiple servers connect to one room, chat between servers! Connecting to our default server at #deusbork on gives access to our bots, which can be controlled ingame, which allow things like on-the-fly language translations, trivia games, calculations, and more.
Accounts system, lock out trolls and abusers by enabling Accounts, making players require logins.

And, Athena, the Automated Admin assistant.
Athena is a bot that watches the chat for keywords, some for players, some for admins.
Examples include:

Players can say HELP in chat, to search for the host configurable help list, to show information on any topic
Admins can say things like, delete item <part of a class name> to delete any kind of object, and the request can take partial names! Delete item crate deletes CrateUnbreakable, CrateExplosive, WoodenCrte etc.
Most admin commands can be said like that, not just deleting, admins can heal players, kill players, kick, kickban, teleport, give/take admin and more, just by saying the commands and partial names.
Athena can also store memos and comments from players.
It all can also be controlled from the IRC or Telnet too, allowing full server control remotely.
And many other features.

Credits to Carlos and Nax for much testing and borking of things.

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