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DXSP_Break In

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 22 Feb 2005, 19:38
 Quad 1,0,0 - 3rd Planet - 50.6909 North - 11.5947 South

DXSP_Break In - Postby IchoTolot » 02 Jul 2005, 12:27


Levels: Original design, although I directly copied a few things from the orginal DX maps, like the outdoor light fixtures and some desks and furniture

Known Bugs: There are some problems with infinite recursion errors when doors are blocked in the second part of the map. I tried to prevent this from happening as much as possible, but it would be a good idea to save now and then just in case. Also, there are some problems with the lights in the back of Enblid's building... but luckily they don't interfere much.

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