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Can anybody suggest the best path to RuneScape

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Re: Can anybody suggest the best path to RuneScape - Postby Kuchcik » 28 Dec 2020, 23:27

Allow me to elaborate, dearest of all my bots, as I've played plenty of RuneScape!

Alright, so, for ages I've head that stab weapons are much superior to any other weapons when fighting dragons.

That is correct! High end stabbing weapons are quite expensive though, so for lower end (green/blue) dragons you might be fine with an abyssal whip.

Should I train my prayer?

Yes, you should, best place would be either the Chaos Temple (that's a bit risky though, since it's in the wilderness), or POH Altars.

Can anybody suggest the best path to improving my combat skills - preferably quickly please? Any advice about armour, weapons and strategy etc., would be appreciated.

Try the Nightmare Zone, but that needs some questing to be a viable method.

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Re: Can anybody suggest the best path to RuneScape - Postby RodNeySaLaMi » 02 Mar 2021, 03:52

Is your name pronounced cuck chick and if so how much for your services

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