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you are going to become a target too


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 20 Oct 2017, 07:30

you are going to become a target too - Postby 4Rsercom » 06 Jun 2018, 05:00

A tip: when there are different players near Thanos, don't kill them. You will want their firepower to take down the Mad Titan, and you will all always sort it out later. The main issue is to get a shot at grabbing that Gauntlet, which drops following Thanos falls.

In the event the Gauntlet drops to the ground, expect another fight: if there are gamers around, they will probably shoot you on your way over to this thing. If you can create it, nevertheless, you become Thanos, and so any harm you take becomes less of a problem. You'll spawn back over the map with 300 shield and 700 health, crashing down with your fist slam rather than the standard parachute.

You'll have all the motions that you fought minutes ago, and naturally, you are going to become a target too. Surviving as Thanos entails staying portable, doing lots of jump slams rather than letting a enemy get a bead on you for a long time. 300 shield and 700 health feels like a lot, but the character's massive frame means that way more of the bullets out of weapons such as assault rifles and SMGs wind up finding their target, and he could take damage as quickly as he could dish it out.

It's a triumph of a mode Fortnite Items, and playing as Thanos is by far the largest departure from the conventional moment-to-moment gameplay that Epic has generated yet. It makes me very curious about what's coming our way in Season 4.

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Re: you are going to become a target too - Postby TheWolf » 11 Jul 2018, 04:27


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