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I dont holde grudge life is to short hope you too either


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 20 May 2014, 18:57

I dont holde grudge life is to short hope you too either - Postby <-(DD)->Darko » 24 Jul 2020, 01:05

It is long road. 9 years so far.

Was just saving some pictures, nice memmories, but also hard times.

Tears sometimes come.

Getting older. Time for new kids in the block.

I dont hold grudge over anyone. Its not nice to hate. Just wish that all know that.

If someone holds grudge over me, hope he can forgive me too, I appologize and I am sorry.

I am aware that many people judging me also for things I never did. Many other people did it with my nickname.

I can only say I appologize my dear friends for that. I had many beautiful friends in this game, I miss them a lot.

Sometimes teard just go, but I had worse losses in my life. Only possible to do is to go forward.

Karky, Die, Poor, Henry, Parker, Shana, Excsm, ColonelDavid, FSB, Bam

First and most polite people I meet here.

B-Dawg, Leonardo, FullMoon, Phantom. Unknown, BudderBall and many many other legends....

Missing you all. Those who still around, happy to play with you.

Huge love and respect, wishing you all best in life,


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