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A lot of the series' problems on the field


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 30 Sep 2021, 08:31

A lot of the series' problems on the field - Postby Weiveisamrt » 30 Sep 2021, 08:33

A lot of the series' problems on the field have been solved quite well. The run defense was difficult to tackle in last years ' entry. But it has improved by tenfold since then. The tackling on open field is smoother and more animated, with less absurd tackles, which included opponents leaping across the sky like super heroes. Basic maneuvers can now be executed using the correct stick, so evading opponents feels much more intuitive as opposed to before. This allows for a much smoother run.

This one is by far the most glitchy in the Madden series. It's quite significant as the year featured headless players running about and large glitches that caused large lines to run across the screen in the same way as players watching on an old plasma TV. The most annoying thing about this endless stream of glitches is the issue it creates with the game's gameplay. If the framerate decreases within a specified time frame it is possible that players be unable to catch a ball or even a kick.

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